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Eighties Hi-Fi Transformer

My 1980s Hi-Fi memories go back to my pops scalding me for touching his beloved Zenith.

Luckily some Japanese are turning my 80s Hi-Fi frown upside down with this bad-ass robot built entirely from stereo components. This bot has got it all: tape decks, reel-to-reel, equalizers, and record players. It even includes the nostalgic smoked glass that was used to conceal components in the 80s, for some damn reason.The reel-to-reels launch rockets.http://toyboxst.inwards.com/rumblizer/pic.php?article_key=544&image_table=images&name=HPIM0960.JPG

“There is also a strange, inexplicable feature that involves shoving little strips of white cardboard into the main component of the toy.”

Today’s new age Gundam doesn’t have anything on the Japanese Hi-Fi robot…


Compoboy: Stereo Component Robot [Product Page]

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