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Tyco CyberBeast/CyberBall – It’s Cyberish!

Tyco Shellshocker

This new RC monstrosity from Tyco transforms from cyberbeast to cyberball and uses flipping action to move about, and has the ability to drive over obstacles too. We saw one of these recently and it’s bigger than it appears – just about the same size as a bowling ball. It’s also the closest thing to an RC Samus as you can get (other than going cosplay, and that’s just not the same thing.)


  • Radio Controlled vehicle available in two frequencies
  • Fin blades which move at the touch of a button
  • 3 key modes for movement: Defence mode, Explore mode & Attack mode
  • Articulated tail for stability and attack functions
  • Multi terrain functionality for use on mud, gravel, concrete, grass and even snow
  • Glow red eyes which also indicate when power is low
  • Powered by new rechargeable Tyco Pro Flex Pack battery for superior power delivery over a longer period.
  • Includes Tyco Pro Flex Pack battery pack and charger

Tyco Shell Shocker Radio Control 49 MHz NA ::

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