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Movie for Mobiles

Sony gets its act together…


With Video iPod in the works and experts agreeing to the fact that video is the next big thing, Sony has decided that this is the right time to start off with movies meant especially for cell phones. Since most high end phones support memory cards (mini SD, SD, MMS etc) ; this has to be the route for getting movies onto phones. Accordingly Sony is introducing movies from the stable of Sony Pictures on MMC cards of 128 megabytes size. All compatible handsets which can play multimedia files shall be able to play these movies. Luckily for once, the company has not insisted on its favorite Memory Stick Duo format which it insists on in Sony Ericsson phones. Sticking to the Duo may be politically correct for Sony but in that case, the sales of its movies would not have been anywhere close to what they can hope to achieve by MMC format. However an entire movie on 128 megabytes means that quality has to be compromised. While it will be perfectly suitable for play on mobile phones, try to play it on a bigger screen and it will be simply incomprehensible.

Movies to be released include Stuart Little, The Hitch, Ghostbusters, Charlie’s Angels : Full Throttle and Spiderman 2.


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