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Minox Mini Digital Cameras


A pocket sized “Rolleiflex digital twin lens reflex” from Minox

A true miniaturized digital replica of the world-famous famous Rolleiflex

Here is a camera that not only collectors will get excited about but also the ‘gadget’ market and anybody fascinated by miniaturization. In co-operation with the Rollei company, MINOX now makes available the smallest fully operating Rolleiflex in the world. The “Rolleiflex MiniDigi” is a digital camera with the same shape and design as the famous 6×6 twin lens reflex camera with a resolution of up to 3.1 million pixels. This unique miniature Rolleiflex is now added to the successful 8x11mm film and ‘Leica’ digital classic collection camera series from MINOX.

Taking photos with this camera` is like the real thing in miniature but in digital. Just like the original with its 6x6cm square format this MiniDigi takes square format digital photos. As with the original, viewing is from above into the foldable viewfinder where the image can be seen on the 0.9 inch LCD monitor, which for digital replaces the traditional ground glass. On this display, images can be viewed directly after they have been taken and if acceptable, stored. To prepare the camera for the next shot, the normal metal transportation crank on the right side of the body is turned until a clicking sound confirms that the MiniDigi is ready for the next shot. At the front of the camera – as with the original – the shutter release is below the twin lenses. So using the MiniDigi is like taking a trip back to days gone by but with the added advantage of to-days digital media. This exclusive Rolleiflex is a fascinating combination of old and new, appealing to a very wide market with an interest in unique photo products.
Rollei fans in particular will be intrigued by the cameras many true to scale working features. The quality durable metal housing of this fascinating eye catcher weighs just 100 grams.

Images are stored on a standard SD /MMC memory card and the camera is powered by a CR-2 lithium battery. It comes complete with a neck strap, a 32 Mbyte MMC memory card, battery and user’s manual.

Technical Data MINOX Rolleiflex MiniDigi:
2 mega CMOS sensor (square format)
9 mm f2.8 5 elements fixed focus
Depth of field:
0,7 m to infinity
Shutter speeds:
1/15 bis 1/400 sec
Exposure control:
White balance:
Storage medium:
SD/ MMC memory card (removable)
Image resolution:
1760 x 1760 Pixel (high resolution/interpolated)
1200 x 1200 Pixel (normal resolution)
640 x 640 Pixel (low resolution)
Waist level LCD (0.9 inch)
Power source:
CR2 battery x 1
49 x 73 x 45 mm W x H x D
100 grams

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