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Funky Rocktronic Dance Music

Funky Rocktronic Dance Music By Dress Code

Dress Code

Dress Code , a one man project of Derek Holley from Dayton, Ohio, has released a new track,” Break It Down “, and it will be featured in the upcoming indiefilm, “Limbo”, scheduled for release in early 2006. The track will also be included on an upcoming CD compilation, “HammerHouse of Dance” from Home City Records of London , England. An MP3 of this track is currently for sale at Home City’s onlinestore. “Dress Code is a hot mix of breaks, electro, and soulfulhouse-style dance music, cut with rock, funk and hip hop influences,” writes.

Derek Holley grew up during Dayton’s rich funk music scene. Add that to years of playing in various rock bands, along with an interest in electronic and dance music, and you have a style for both the rock and club scenes. He co-founded Dress Code in the early 90’s as a duo and as a “musical experiment” with a style combining dance, pop, funk, and rock influences. Dress Code later released their US debut, “About Time”. Music from “AboutTime” has been featured on various MTV, VH1, and independent film projects. Now Dress Code has returned-not as a duo, but as a “virtual band” with Derek writing, performing, and producing new material in a harder style than the duo version’s debut, combining throbbing bass lines, pure rock power chords with a hip-hop delivery and banging electronic/dance beats. His self-released CD, “Sonic Boom EP” has had postive reviews and featured on web radio.

“What made me want to do music is because I thought it was fun,” Derek says. “It started out as a hobby, but I got more serious about it and began to learn different instruments. I started out on the drums and went to guitar and bass, and later I got my first multitrack machine and began to produce my own demos.”

Influenced by the likes of Prince, Jimi Hendrix, P-Funk, Kraftwerk, Nine Inch Nails, Public Enemy, Prodigy, CrystalMethod, Tom Morello and DJ Shadow, Derek sees his music as an eclectic mix of influences he calls “funkyrocktronicdancemusic”. “It’s funky dance music with rock attitude. I’ve played shows with other dance music artists and I’ve also opened for rock bands. To me it’s all about the energy of the music and performance,” Derek explains. He mixes live instruments withelectronic production, and make dance music with various rock,funk, and hip-hop influences.

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