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USB Phone Book Flasher

If you have more than one mobile phone; or change your it frequently; or worse – tend to loose it frequently, but you want your phonebook to be consistent between all your mobile phones, it’s a bit of a headache to update them by hand, if there’s no support of bluetooth or IR. USBGeek has your solution to this tedious problem.

Maintain, backup your cellphone’s phone book.


  • One touch to SAVE your Phonebook (Phone and SIM) to the Phone Book Flasher
  • Plug-and-play USB connection to EDIT your Phonebook in the PC
  • No CD ROM, no Installation, bulit-in PC Editor
  • One touch to UPLOAD your Phonebook back to the Phone
  • Convert your Phonebook to other mobile phone formats
  • Backup over 10,000 phone book records
  • Supports Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 nd Windows XP
  • No driver required *(expect Windows 98SE)


  • Nokia 3100, 3120, 3200, 3220, 5100, 5140, 6020, 6100, 6220, 6610, 6610i, 6800, 6810i, 6820, 7200, 7210, 7250, 7250i, 7260
  • Sony Ericsson T68, T310, T610, T630, K500, K508, K700i, S700
  • Samsung(A) S308, V200, D410, E310, E600, E710, E820, X426, X430
  • Samsung(B) S508, X100, X600, X460, E100, E630, E700, E800

    Package Contents

  • Phone Book Flasher
  • User Guide
  • For $21 / €18 you’ll get one of these from here.

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