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What’s Up Moog?

It’s strictly a rumour – nobody’s leaking images – and it’s an old rumour, but a really good one. People on message boards are saying that Moog are about to announce an ‘affordable’ analog synth at NAMM. Matrix Synth links to one thread, inspired by ‘Amos’ who may or may not work for Moog Music. Bob Moog’s follow-up to the Minimoog was the Micromoog, a one-oscillator, plastic-cased synth which cost $895 in 1979, compared with the wood-cased, 3 osc Minimoog at $1995. Assuming synth economics haven’t changed in 30 years, that would mean a cut down Voyager at $1,320 (later Rogue, Prodigy and MG-1 synths were cheaper). Of course, 30 years ago, you couldn’t get surface-mount components stamped onto circuit boards by the trillion in China for next to nothing. A cheap, powerful, decent-sounding all-analog Moog made in China? That would really be something. More uninformed speculation here at the Moog website.
The other popular Moog rumour goes the other way – that they’re about to launch a polyphonic Voyager, which would presumably cost most of the money in the world. According to this post, Bob Moog himself said it wasn’t going to happen on his last visit to London:

“At a staff training session at Turnkey the conversation went something like this;
Staff: ‘Dr Moog we all love the new mini, but what we would all love to see is a polyphonic moog. What’s the position on that?’
Bob Moog (after a long pause with his head down he lifts it and says; ‘We could build one…But we’re not going to’
He then quickly moved onto another subject.”

Story here.

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