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Nagra Reel2Reel

Nagra have a very nice and Professional Audio / Video reel to reel recorders on their website.

The two pictured above are the Nagra DII and the Nagra IV-S/TC.

Nagra DII:

Transportable, battery powered four-channel open reel digital recorder using digital audio magnetic tape.

Principal applications:
On-Location Film / TV Production
Portable Music Mastering / Wildlife recordings
Special Features:
4-Channels, SMPTE Time code, 24/96 (Stereo),
Tape Directories, Battery powered

Nagra IV-S/TC:

Portable stereo analogue recorder using 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) audio tape

Principal applications:
On-Location music recordings (Non-Pilot version) / Film and TV production (TC version)
Special Features:
Wide track head configuration for music recordings or Narrow tracks for Time code machines. Three tape speeds, two microphone inputs, built in TC generator. NAB/CCIR or NAGRAMASTER equalization, Filters, battery operated

Full range of the Nagra Pro series can be found here.

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