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Killer Kitchen Designs


French foodie Brillat-Savarin rather famously once wrote, "Dis moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es", and while we appreciate the sentiment, TreeHugger prefers this axiom in a slightly different form: "Tell me where you cook, and we’ll tell you what you are." Here are our favorite kitchen designs:

1) GE’s Kitchen of the Future; if only it were here today.
2) Architect Michael McDonough’s zero-emission kitchen features bamboo-covered radiant flooring and aerated concrete walls, for starters.
3) Both Peter Vivian and Henrybuilt showcase the beautiful juxtaposition of bamboo and stainless steel and help prove that eco-conscious kitchen design is not a contradiction in terms.
4) The concentric kitchen in the round, made from 100% recycled aluminum, will always be the center of attention.
5) Italian designer Valcucine produces kitchens with the lowest possible environmental impact without sacrificing functionality, safety or design.
6) No need to start from scratch; check out the real-life green kitchen renovation for ideas and tips about re-doing it green.

Via TreeHugger.