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LG to Market ‘Unproven’ Anti-Bird Flu Aircons

A.I. AirCon

Now, that it might be coming to a hen, duck, pigeon or bird near you, LG Electronics – the world’s leading air conditioner maker, said on Thursday that it will start selling air conditioners that prevent avian influenza with a special filter coated with a substance extracted from a fermented kimchi. The new air conditioners target Southeast Asian countries affected by bird flu and will be marketed this year.

The new products, nicknamed “Anti-A.I. Aircon,” have a filter covered with an anti-bacterial substance extracted from kimchi, South Korea’s spicy fermented cabbage dish, the company said in a press conference.

“A special filter is coated with a substance called leuconostoc citreum, which is derived from kimchi. After tests, the filter was found to block viruses that causes bird flu,” said Seo Seok-jang, chief of the company’s air conditioner research lab, during the conference held at Grand Hyatt Hotel in central Seoul.

Read the full story at The Korea Times.

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