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Modern houses – sci-fi inspired

Space Houses on Earth

The European Space Agency has designed a house that uses technology designed for space could become the basis of the new German Antarctic station, Neumayer-III. The new station was designed to meet the stringent laws set up to protect the Antarctic environment, and presented at the 28th meeting of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research that took place in Bremen in July (2004).


Modular Treehouse Concept

May 14, 2006 There’s something primal about tree houses that enthralls children and returns adults to long lost afternoons filled with secret adventures. We’ve previously covered the exquisite designs of the English Treehouse designer-builders PearTree which include everything from custom-designs through two storey adult treehouses, home offices and even 30 seater conference suites, and we’ve waxed lyrical about the Free Spirit Sphere, but this latest concept tree house from UK-based Design Studio Sybarite excited us to new levels. The company is developing a modular tree house concept which we think could become very popular.


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