OFRO – watch out hooligans!

Meet OFRO – the robot who going to be working hard keeping tabs on potential trouble-makers at the World Cup this Summer. OFRO is a mobile security unit that can patrol several programmed routes in both internal and external environments (OFRO is suitably weather-proofed!).

OFRO has a rotating camera that serves both to record and tranmit images of hooligans back to the central security response system and helps in the decision-making process of navigating around obstacles. The OFRO robot is powered by a 12-hr Lithium-Ion battery that can be recharged in just 4 hours flat. The OFRO can travel up to 7.2 km/hr – fast enough to catch many the beer-soaked trouble-maker!

OFRO was developed by RoboWatch Techologies and is manufactured by DU Hitec. Found via Telecoms Korea.

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