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Do you hate your keys?

Keyport Slide

I detest my keys. Loud, heavy, pointy pieces of metal, easy to misplace, hard to find among the others, even fragile, and used everywhere. Door keys, gate keys, car and bike keys, locker keys.. they’re all over. Wouldn’t you like a way to do away with them, and of your RFID tags and car remotes? There might just be a opportunity here…

Nicknamed the ‘KeyPort Six-module Slide’, this gadget proclaims to be the ‘World’s First Universal Key Fob’. ‘Universal’ means that it includes a RFID function and a car alarm remote function too. As these two features are ‘currently under development’ it’s still impossible to tell how many RFID codes it will be able to store and how easy or practical it will be to switch between them. Also, we don’t know if one device will be able to store remote commands for more than one car, or if it can also work as a garage remote.

For the normal keys, the only downside is the fact you’ll have to go and make copies of your existing keys to KeyPort compatible blanks that can be fitted inside the shell.

The eye hook is offered as a ‘feature’, but i really think it needs better placement, so you can connect more of them together. There’s just too many of us who have more than 6 keys.
On the whole, even without the RFID and remote functionality, the KeyPort is a good answer to cluttered and clinking pockets or bags.

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3 thoughts on “Do you hate your keys?”

  1. Good idea… looks much more compact than 6 keys on a chain. I wonder how much it will cost and how much it will cost to convert current keys to new ones that fit in that device?


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