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WIRED HOME – all green and techy

Located in an exclusive, modernist home community of Los Angeles called Crestwood Hills, the large 4,057 sf WIRED LivingHome is set to be finished by Fall 2007. In anticipation of the final product, LivingHomes CEO and Founder Steve Glenn remarked, “We are honored to be working with WIRED on the next LivingHome…WIRED covers the future and the future of building is green. Their reputation for cutting-edge design and great editorial technology and innovation make them the perfect partner to demonstrate the balance of form, function and sustainability.”

Green Features:
The old structure on the lot is being deconstructed, rather than demolished, and a minimum of 75% of all materials will be reused and repurposed. While deconstruction is ongoing, the Ray Kappe-designed home will be manufactured in the factory, with installation to occur in August 2007. Here are some of the green products that will be part of the WIRED LivingHome: 4-kw SunPower solar power system; forced hot air radiant heating and cooling system; recycled glass countertops; Heath ceramic tile in the master bathroom; low-maintenance high-design ecological kitchen cabinetry by Valcucine; environmentally friendly washer/dryer system by Bosch; water-efficient fixtures by Toto; windows and doors constructed with recycled glass and aluminum by Fleetwood USA; reclaimed redwood by Pacific Heritage Wood; FSC-certified exterior siding; LED lighting (uses less energy than conventional lighting); tankless water heaters; and carbon offsets to cover the home’s first year of use. In the end, the WIRED LivingHome will be about 36% more efficient than a conventional residence of the same size.

See more at Wired Home.

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  1. This house takes up over 90% of the land it is on. If that is green then there is a lot more green space we can destroy on this planet. I love Ray Kappe’s work. This house should have been a third to one half the size. The house is built in Crestwood Hills an architectural community designed by A. Quincy Jones and Whitney R. Smith. This house goes against many of it’s modernist principles. For more info on the Wired house go to the Crestwood Hills website/blog. http://www.crestwoodla.com


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