Stephen Hawking: Higgs Boson Discovery Cost Me $100


One of the world’s leading physicists, Prof. Stephen Hawking, hoped for different results from CERN yesterday, which announced the discovery of the Higgs boson with a high degree of certainty.

In fact, the announcement cost him , as he made a bet that the results would be different.

“This is an important result, and should be rewarded with a Nobel prize, but it is a pity in a way, because the great advances in physics came from experiments that gave results we didn’t expect,’ Hawking said in an interview with the BBC.

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  1. Dear Mr Hawking,
    Don’t worry. There are too many “may be” and “we think” in all of their announcements. However, why did not you expect the Higgs Boson to exist? It is a given.
    Today’s news is only a story to distract attention from the renegade neutrinos that did not abide by the special relativity’s made up speed limit. But, the Higgs boson does really exist and it is the very same one that literally induces (not manifests as or generates, but induces) the force of gravity. That is also exactly why the rate of the passage of time has been changing (by the changes in its density). Think it over, and if you wish send me a note. I be happy to show you a new way of looking at the whole picture, the very same picture that you have been looking at, for some time now.
    Take care and may we all have a very pleasant day.
    Bahram Esmailzadeh
    p.s., as a preview on a summary, please refer to my facebook “bahram esmailzadeh”


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