Nikon 18-300mm

It’s the longest superzoom lens ever, but what’s the brand new Nikon 18-300mm superzoom actually like to use? Our friends at N-Photo just got their hands on a sample have taken it out for an hour’s street photography to find out.

The most obvious thing is the size and weight compared to the existing 18-200mm. The new lens is 23.5mm longer – nearly an inch – and 270g heavier, and you do feel that straight away. You could use the 18-200mm on a smaller body like the D3100, for example, and it would still balance OK, but the 18-300mm makes it feel really front-heavy, and it needs a heftier body like the D7000 or D300s…


Nikon 18-300mm: testing the longest ever superzoom for street photography.