Why You Don’t Need the iPhone 5, by an iPhone Owner

Can you feel it yet? The slow, subtle build-up in peer pressure. The smug, self-satisfied looks from that guy in the office who pre-ordered the iPhone 5 at midnight. The questions from friends who assume that, because you like tech, you’re probably getting one. The calculations you catch yourself making, wondering if you could actually afford it, just in theory.

(You’re not alone: the hashtag #ButYouGotThatiPhone5Tho was the top worldwide trend on Twitter Friday).

Well, stay strong, my tempted friend. The iPhone 5 is a great phone, no doubt; another solid design achievement from Apple. It’s thinner, lighter and taller. But it’s not that huge a leap forward in hardware.

If you already have an iPhone, you’re about to get a whole new smartphone experience anyway. If you don’t, consider that you can get pretty much the same device for a lot cheaper — and that there are now one or two Android phones (and even a Windows phone) actually worth investigating.

Here are a whole bunch of reasons to print out, tape to your desk, and keep yourself iPhone 5-less…

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