When Alexander Gordon-Brown first heard about Bitcoin back in 2010, he thought it sounded mathematically interesting — and financially impractical.

“It seemed like a passing craze”, he tells me, with no small sense of irony. Though his views weren’t uncommon at the time (or even today), Alex went on to change his outlook as completely as any person can.

In 2016, as he watched the cryptocurrency boom from his office at a proprietary trading firm in London, he realized his initial judgment had been mistaken. The math of crypto still fascinated him, just like the math at his day job — but now he saw it as an “unusual and extraordinary opportunity” to trade an asset with no historical precedent.

Alex wasn’t the first finance professional to go all-in on crypto. Bankers like Arthur Hayes have been exploring Bitcoin since well before the recent boom. Still, Alex had one skill that set him apart. He’d spent the last few years learning to create financial algorithms — code that watches the markets and generates trades to take advantage of every passing trend.

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