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ICO – Metalyfe Airdrop

ICO - Metalyfe Airdrop The Metalyfe browser is a portal into the digital world that secures your digital identity through data ownership and privacy. It is a web browser, a multi-wallet manager and a portal/gateway into a plethora of next generation web 3.0 services. Register now to the free airdrop to get your 40 Lyfe!… Continue reading ICO – Metalyfe Airdrop

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Portable PC: OQO Model 01+

This PC running on Win XP is really small - the size of a dollar bill. But don't be fooled by it's size! It is a fully-functional ultra-thin PC that almost defies the laws of physics with its size. It features a 1GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and a 30-gig hard drive, with the… Continue reading Portable PC: OQO Model 01+

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Go patch your IE

Microsoft issued two security updates yesterday , one of which fixes at least four flaws in its Internet Explorer browser, including one for which an exploit was released over Thanksgiving that is now being used by a handful of porn sites to install spyware, etc. According to, the IE patch also removes a component… Continue reading Go patch your IE

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Google Hompage Upgraded

Build your own Google homepage Posted by Adam Sah, Software Engineer on Google Blog Date & Time Module (with Calendar)The personalized homepage was created to bring together the stuff that interests you from across the web. From an engineering perspective, this became an opportunity to create a framework for all types of content and information.… Continue reading Google Hompage Upgraded

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FireFox 1.5 on the loose!

Firefox 1.5 has been realeased finally! Go get it from The award-winning Web browser just got better. It’s free and easy to try. Join the millions of people worldwide enjoying a better Web experience. Loads of new features and functionality added. They claim that it has a "New automatic update system makes Firefox an… Continue reading FireFox 1.5 on the loose!

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Flock Favorites Manager

Flock favorites managerOriginally uploaded by factoryjoe.“The totally redesigned favorites manager. Yes, we’re calling them favorites because bookmarks are for books. And besides, Flickr is a good source of design inspiration. ;)” That’s what fatoryjoe said.At last, it’s working again and making life even simpler to sync with time… :)technorati tags: flock, favourites, manager, screenshot