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Sony VAIO with Blu-Ray

SONY UNVEILS WORLD’S FIRST BLU-RAY NOTEBOOK COMPUTER    New VAIO PC Offers the Ultimate in High-DefinitionSAN DIEGO, May 16, 2006 Sony today took the wraps off the world’s first Blu-ray Disc enabled notebook computer-- the VAIO® AR which will be available this summer.            Part of a series, the VAIO AR comes in two different configurations: Premium… Continue reading Sony VAIO with Blu-Ray

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Free VST plugins

Tritone Digital offer some wonderful VST plugins. Most of them you can purchase them but there are some free. The first one is PhaseTone: PhaseTone is a FREE frequency-dependent phase rotation and correction plugin. PhaseTone allows you to manipulate the phase of your signal across a user-definable frequency range, with options for creating different phase… Continue reading Free VST plugins

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Holographic Memory in your pocket

Soon you could be able to store more mp3s and podcasts in your pocket than you'll ever have time to listen to. Fujifilm is working on a terabyte (1000 gigabyte) holographic memory, which it expects to launch in 2009. The terabyte holo-memory drive would be no bigger than a sugar cube and could access data… Continue reading Holographic Memory in your pocket

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ASUS new computer concept

The above image is not a CD shelf; it's ASUS's Green PC concept. Yes that's right, those thin boxes are the internal modules of the computer, i.e. the CPU, the graphics card, the sound card, the hard disk etc. No more worries of 'trying' to install a newly bought module in your computer, just place… Continue reading ASUS new computer concept

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200 Mbps Home Networking

Homeowners with the need to stream HD content from room-to-room will soon have a new option from Netgear and Design of Systems on Silicon to pipe data through a building's existing electrical infrastructure. This new 200Mbps Powerline HD technology named TriplePlay uses DS2 chipsets to allow bandwith-hungry multimedia content to be streamed from a PC… Continue reading 200 Mbps Home Networking

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PHOSCYON: New VST analogue synth

PHOSCYON is a virtual instrument (made with VSTi technology), which emulates sound of famous nowadays analogue synthesizer. It's equipped in many options expanding possibilities of an original synth. Phoscyon's innovative technology takes virtual analogue moddelling to a whole new level and it should convince even the most die hard analog fans.It has characteristic sound which… Continue reading PHOSCYON: New VST analogue synth

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1.2 petabytes of storage in less than 5 years more!

US inventor Michael Thomas, owner of Colossal Storage, hopes to achieve exactly that. He says he's the first person to solve non-contact optical spintronics which will in turn utlimately result in the creation of 3.5-inch discs with a million times the capacity of any hard drive - 1.2 petabytes of storage, to be exact. To… Continue reading 1.2 petabytes of storage in less than 5 years more!

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Faderfox Live/DJ MIDI Controllers Hit 2nd Generation

They're small enough to fit over the QWERTY keyboard on a laptop or to be propped atop a music keyboard, and are specially designed for applications like Ableton Live and Traktor DJ. With multi-function triggers, joysticks, and cross-faders on top of the usual buttons and faders, they'd appear to cover all you need to do.… Continue reading Faderfox Live/DJ MIDI Controllers Hit 2nd Generation

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Solid State Logic: LMC-1 VST Plug-In – Now Free!

Every now and again a piece of audio equipment comes along that defines the sound of an era. Back in 1979 Solid State Logic gave birth to a legendary recording console. The SSL SL 4000E Master Studio System forever changed how records would be recorded and mixed, heralding a new age in popular music. In… Continue reading Solid State Logic: LMC-1 VST Plug-In – Now Free!

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Creative X-Fi Sound Blaster

CREATIVE INTRODUCES SOUND BLASTER X-FI - DELIVERING DRAMATIC ENHANCEMENTS TO ANY MUSIC OR AUDIO PLUS ACCELERATED PC GAMING Sound Blaster X-Fi, featuring the breakthrough Creative X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity Audio Processor, provides unprecedented power and performance to deliver the new Xtreme Fidelity Audio Standard. Enjoy the most advanced 3D headphone audio ever! It's so good you'll… Continue reading Creative X-Fi Sound Blaster