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ICO – LivenPay Airdrop

ICO - LivenPay Airdrop The World First Global Food Economy - for Everyday use by Everyday People. LVN Token The LVN Token is a network utility reward token built on the foundation of Liven’s overwhelmingly successful network credit currency ‘Liven Cash’. Rewarded to users when transacting, and already accepted by thousands of merchants as a… Continue reading ICO – LivenPay Airdrop

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ICO – Goldilock Bounty Program

ICO - Goldilock Bounty Program Goldilock is revolutionizing the way data is stored on the Internet by building an ecosystem to secure cryptocurrencies and digital assets for individuals and institutions. Debuting in Q2 of 2018 with a product that provides a remote physical disconnection of data from the internet, the system leverages multi-factor authentication, biometrics, regressive… Continue reading ICO – Goldilock Bounty Program

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ICO – DigitalBits Airdrop

ICO - DigitalBits Airdrop ENABLING MASS-MARKET ADOPTION OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY. DigitalBits is designed to make mass market-adoption of blockchain technology easy. The actual monthly active use of cryptocurrencies is sitting at less than 1% of society. Even though the market capitalization of certain cryptocurrencies is suggested to be massive, its daily-active use (not including exchange… Continue reading ICO – DigitalBits Airdrop

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ICO – Metalyfe Airdrop

ICO - Metalyfe Airdrop The Metalyfe browser is a portal into the digital world that secures your digital identity through data ownership and privacy. It is a web browser, a multi-wallet manager and a portal/gateway into a plethora of next generation web 3.0 services. Register now to the free airdrop to get your 40 Lyfe!… Continue reading ICO – Metalyfe Airdrop

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ICO – Libellum Airdrop

ICO - Libellum Airdrop LIBELLUM – Instant Supplier Verification Disrupting the Supply Chain Industry with Blockchain Technology. WHAT IS LIBELLUM? WE ARE BUILDING A PLATFORM TO VERIFY SUPPLIERS WITH 1 CLICK. Ecommerce is growing rapidly. The need for verified suppliers from China is more than ever as many new and inexperienced buyers fall to scams… Continue reading ICO – Libellum Airdrop

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ICO – iTrue Airdrop

Self-Sovereign Biometric Identity for Decentralized Web iTrue wants to give users control of their own data back from big tech firms. Your Face Pass is the key to your data. Business and individual users can earn rewards for participating in the data economy and decentralized app marketplace. iTrue is a Blockchain-as-a-Service solution with a built-in authentication… Continue reading ICO – iTrue Airdrop

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ICO – Varanida Airdrop

Varanida is building a better Internet through a decentralized, fair and transparent digital advertising ecosystem. Varanida Is Fair For Every Party We are entering a new era for Digital Content and Advertising; an era in which every stakeholder is fairly rewarded & has the best possible experience. How to earn tokens? Just follow these simple… Continue reading ICO – Varanida Airdrop

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Current price of Bitcoin is $6311.10

Current price of Bitcoin is $6311.10 August 15, 2018 at 08:00AM via Chain

Bitcoin, CryptoCurrencies

Current price of Bitcoin is $6001.05

Current price of Bitcoin is $6001.05 August 14, 2018 at 07:59AM via Chain

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Current price of Bitcoin is $6330.47

Current price of Bitcoin is $6330.47 August 13, 2018 at 08:00AM via Chain