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WIRED HOME – all green and techy

Located in an exclusive, modernist home community of Los Angeles called Crestwood Hills, the large 4,057 sf WIRED LivingHome is set to be finished by Fall 2007. In anticipation of the final product, LivingHomes CEO and Founder Steve Glenn remarked, "We are honored to be working with WIRED on the next LivingHome...WIRED covers the future… Continue reading WIRED HOME – all green and techy

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1 core, 2 core, now 4 core!

Intel Corp. says its new 50-watt quad core Xeon processors, released Monday 12/03/2007, would help the chipmaker gain market leverage in an energy-conscious business environment. Santa Clara, Calif.-based Intel said the two new 50-watt server processors -- dubbed the Intel Xeon L5320 and L5310 respectively -- would decrease users' server power consumption by 35 to… Continue reading 1 core, 2 core, now 4 core!

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The VentureOne Hybrid and EV: 100 MPH, 100 MPG, and that Crazy Tilty Action

A bright idea, some capital, and computer drafting software aren’t too hard to come by. We truly would like to believe, though, that the VentureOne will in fact, as its creators promise, be released in late 2008, priced in the $20,000 range. If that is indeed remotely possible, then the VentureOne is big news. This… Continue reading The VentureOne Hybrid and EV: 100 MPH, 100 MPG, and that Crazy Tilty Action

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Lotus APX concept

It may look more like a Porche Cayenne SUV than a Tesla Roadster, but today's announcement of a forthcoming ZAP/Lotus electric car promises to set new standards in range, top speed and charging time. This won't be the kinder, gentler yet odd-looking electric vehicle the market has come to expect from ZAP. Named the ZAP-X,… Continue reading Lotus APX concept

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Modern houses – sci-fi inspired

Space Houses on EarthThe European Space Agency has designed a house that uses technology designed for space could become the basis of the new German Antarctic station, Neumayer-III. The new station was designed to meet the stringent laws set up to protect the Antarctic environment, and presented at the 28th meeting of the Scientific Committee… Continue reading Modern houses – sci-fi inspired

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Solar + LEDs = free night light

A building under construction in Japan will use natural light to illuminate its rooms, even during the night.Japanese construction company Shimizu and electronics giant Sharp have jointly developed a transparent building material that absorbs light during the day and uses it to light up rooms when the Sun goes down. The material is being used… Continue reading Solar + LEDs = free night light

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Ultra Efficient Diesel Car

German Loremo AG will introduce their ultra Efficient Car at the Motor Show 2006 in Geneva next week. The car start-up developed a light-weight passenger car with outstanding aerodynamics. The Loremo LS is powered by a 2 cylinder Turbo Diesel engine with 20 hp and 160km/h top speed. The amazing thing is that the Loremo… Continue reading Ultra Efficient Diesel Car

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ASUS new computer concept

The above image is not a CD shelf; it's ASUS's Green PC concept. Yes that's right, those thin boxes are the internal modules of the computer, i.e. the CPU, the graphics card, the sound card, the hard disk etc. No more worries of 'trying' to install a newly bought module in your computer, just place… Continue reading ASUS new computer concept

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Killer Kitchen Designs

French foodie Brillat-Savarin rather famously once wrote, "Dis moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es", and while we appreciate the sentiment, TreeHugger prefers this axiom in a slightly different form: "Tell me where you cook, and we'll tell you what you are." Here are our favorite kitchen designs: 1) GE's… Continue reading Killer Kitchen Designs

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LG to Market ‘Unproven’ Anti-Bird Flu Aircons

Now, that it might be coming to a hen, duck, pigeon or bird near you, LG Electronics - the world's leading air conditioner maker, said on Thursday that it will start selling air conditioners that prevent avian influenza with a special filter coated with a substance extracted from a fermented kimchi. The new air conditioners… Continue reading LG to Market ‘Unproven’ Anti-Bird Flu Aircons