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Self Destruct SMS

Staellium UK Ltd. is 'upgrading' the SMS market to the 'Mission Impossible' state.How you may ask? Here's what they're saying: SELF DESTRUCT MESSAGES NO LONGER ‘MISSION IMPOSSIBLE’  THANKS TO ‘STEALTHTEXT’“This tape will self-destruct in five seconds” became a household phrase in the 60s and 70s thanks to the creators of Mission Impossible, and now 30 years later… Continue reading Self Destruct SMS

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Solar Powered Traffic Signals

Why aren't traffic signals solar powered? There must be some good reason—like maybe the idea doesn't work...? Well, Lintec Corp is marketing solar-powered traffic signs. They are wireless, too, and supposedly save loads of money as they use no electricity. The lights use LEDs, which means the bulbs don't need to be changed for a… Continue reading Solar Powered Traffic Signals

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Remote Control for Men

Well, unfortunately this has not hit production yet!If such thing ever gets invented, I don't know what men would be ready to pay for it to get one; on the other hand, I don't know what women will pay to destroy it!Lol! Dream... dream... dream...Technorati Tags : remote, control, women, joke

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The Board Home Design Planners

Remodeling designs that save time, money, and your back! Don’t move one piece of furniture without consulting the Board™ Junior Home Planner. It’s a professional-quality planning system that’s as simple as a board game. Saves you valuable time, money, and effort. The Home Planner consists of accurately scaled magnetic templates shaped like furniture and other… Continue reading The Board Home Design Planners

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Japanese Probe to Try Landing on Asteroid Twice

TOKYO (AP) -- A Japanese space probe will make another attempt at landing on an asteroid on Saturday after it successfully landed and then departed from its surface over the weekend, officials said Thursday. The Hayabusa probe was heading back toward the asteroid Itokawa and expected to land on the asteroid around 7 a.m. Saturday.… Continue reading Japanese Probe to Try Landing on Asteroid Twice

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Waterless Washing Machine Developed

Singapore - A waterless washing machine that removes stains from garments in a few minutes has been developed at the National University of Singapore, the facility said on Wednesday. The appliance uses negative ions, compressed air and deodorants to clean clothes. Industrial design students Wendy Chua, 21, and Gabriel Tan, 23, said they were inspired… Continue reading Waterless Washing Machine Developed

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Tyco CyberBeast/CyberBall – It’s Cyberish!

This new RC monstrosity from Tyco transforms from cyberbeast to cyberball and uses flipping action to move about, and has the ability to drive over obstacles too. We saw one of these recently and it's bigger than it appears - just about the same size as a bowling ball. It's also the closest thing to… Continue reading Tyco CyberBeast/CyberBall – It’s Cyberish!

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Badly Needed Translators!

No, it's not what YOU're thinking...... but YES, they really need a good translator!technorati tags: funny, weird, Japan, Japanese, translation, wrong

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AV123 “Extended Frequency Response” Super Tweeter

Super tweeters are one of the stranger product groups to hit high-end in the last few years. See, human hearing rates between 20Hz and 20kHz. Super tweeters, on the other hand, only tackle the upper frequencies, shooting all the way up to 45kHz and even 100kHz. Craziness? Everyone who has listed to a super tweeter… Continue reading AV123 “Extended Frequency Response” Super Tweeter