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UCLA creates transparent solar cell, dreams of current generating windows

Transparent photovoltaics have yet to grace the face of your smartphone, but don't give up hope -- UCLA researchers are working on a new see-through solar cell that's showing potential. Using a new type of polymer solar cell, the team has been able to build a device that converts infrared light into electrical current. Current… Continue reading UCLA creates transparent solar cell, dreams of current generating windows

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WIRED HOME – all green and techy

Located in an exclusive, modernist home community of Los Angeles called Crestwood Hills, the large 4,057 sf WIRED LivingHome is set to be finished by Fall 2007. In anticipation of the final product, LivingHomes CEO and Founder Steve Glenn remarked, "We are honored to be working with WIRED on the next LivingHome...WIRED covers the future… Continue reading WIRED HOME – all green and techy

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Amex Digital MPC-505 – with Blu-Ray

From Hong Kong based Amex Digital comes the MPC-505 which is the world first Blu-Ray Home Theatre PC A/V Center computer. The MPC-505 is Intel Viiv enabled which further enhances your multimedia experience. The unit comes DVI and HDMI outputs which offer you a true HD experience when you connect to a HD ready TV.… Continue reading Amex Digital MPC-505 – with Blu-Ray

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Double use of LCD TV

30" LCD mirror TV Miravison At last! Philips came out with this brilliant idea of the possibility of using your expensive LCD TV even when it's off. How? By using it as a mirror! A very cool idea in my opinion, and will reduce 'clutter' from all over the walls... I can imagine how the… Continue reading Double use of LCD TV

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ASUS new computer concept

The above image is not a CD shelf; it's ASUS's Green PC concept. Yes that's right, those thin boxes are the internal modules of the computer, i.e. the CPU, the graphics card, the sound card, the hard disk etc. No more worries of 'trying' to install a newly bought module in your computer, just place… Continue reading ASUS new computer concept

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200 Mbps Home Networking

Homeowners with the need to stream HD content from room-to-room will soon have a new option from Netgear and Design of Systems on Silicon to pipe data through a building's existing electrical infrastructure. This new 200Mbps Powerline HD technology named TriplePlay uses DS2 chipsets to allow bandwith-hungry multimedia content to be streamed from a PC… Continue reading 200 Mbps Home Networking

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Killer Kitchen Designs

French foodie Brillat-Savarin rather famously once wrote, "Dis moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es", and while we appreciate the sentiment, TreeHugger prefers this axiom in a slightly different form: "Tell me where you cook, and we'll tell you what you are." Here are our favorite kitchen designs: 1) GE's… Continue reading Killer Kitchen Designs

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LG to Market ‘Unproven’ Anti-Bird Flu Aircons

Now, that it might be coming to a hen, duck, pigeon or bird near you, LG Electronics - the world's leading air conditioner maker, said on Thursday that it will start selling air conditioners that prevent avian influenza with a special filter coated with a substance extracted from a fermented kimchi. The new air conditioners… Continue reading LG to Market ‘Unproven’ Anti-Bird Flu Aircons

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EcoKettle – Kettle of the future

With traditional electrical kettles, there is tremendous wastage of electrical energy, water, time and of course, your money. You know how it is -¬†you arrive home, dying of thirst and just can't wait for a nice cup of tea or a hit of instant coffee to revive you. You grab the kettle, flip on the… Continue reading EcoKettle – Kettle of the future

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Waterless Washing Machine Developed

Singapore - A waterless washing machine that removes stains from garments in a few minutes has been developed at the National University of Singapore, the facility said on Wednesday. The appliance uses negative ions, compressed air and deodorants to clean clothes. Industrial design students Wendy Chua, 21, and Gabriel Tan, 23, said they were inspired… Continue reading Waterless Washing Machine Developed