Google Shows Startups How to Master SEO in 10 Minutes

Worried about how to fill out your meta keywords tag so your startup ranks best in Google results? Don’t bother, the company says. Google search ignores it.

Google Shows Startups How to Master SEO in 10 Minutes [VIDEO].


Facebook Changed Everyones Email to; Heres How to Fix Yours

Oh no – again Facebook changing your data without your consent!
Via: Facebook Changed Everyones Email to; Heres How to Fix Yours.

Amex Digital MPC-505 – with Blu-Ray

From Hong Kong based Amex Digital comes the MPC-505 which is the world
first Blu-Ray Home Theatre PC A/V Center computer. The MPC-505 is Intel
Viiv enabled which further enhances your multimedia experience. The
unit comes DVI and HDMI outputs which offer you a true HD experience
when you connect to a HD ready TV. The MPC-505 has a hybrid tuner which
allow you to watch both digital and analog transmissions. You will
never run of storage space even after recording all your favourite
shows as the unit comes with 1 TB of storage space. The MPC-505 comes
with a Blu-Ray drive which plays the next generation Blu-Ray discs as
well as DVD, Audio CD discs etc. A fully functional remote control is
provided so you can relax and take control over your entertainment

The Amex Digital MPC-505 is powered by Intel Pentium D 930 3.0 Ghz
64 bit processor, Intel 945 Express chipset and 2GB DDR2 RAM. It has
7.1 channel onboard audio with SPDIF optical out and Wi-Fi
connectivity. The MPC-505 runs on Windows Multimedia Centre Edition
2005. Pricing and availability of the Amex Digital MPC-505 is not known


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200 Mbps Home Networking

Home Networking

Homeowners with the need to stream HD content from room-to-room will soon have a new option from Netgear and Design of Systems on Silicon to pipe data through a building’s existing electrical infrastructure. This new 200Mbps Powerline HD technology named TriplePlay uses DS2 chipsets to allow bandwith-hungry multimedia content to be streamed from a PC to products in any room with an electrical outlet, providing plug-and-play convenience at the expense of wireless freedom, as devices on the receiving end of the signal must remain tethered to the wall. The new Netgear/DS2 hardware will be on display next month at CeBIT, and should be available to consumers sometime in the second quarter of this year.

Here’s a link to their White Paper.

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My Most Interesting Photos

These are my 4 most interesting photographs on Flickr:

1. Silent City Sunset,
2. Arab walking in desert,
3. Sunset Silhouette,
4. APose003

My whole photostream can be seen on Flickr.


eStarling Wi-Fi Gmail / Flickr Enabled LCD Frame

Your Photo Frame Needs its own E-mail Address…

Looking for the ultimate cool photo gadget? Then take heart young geek or geekette. ThinkGeek has the new and completely unique eStarling Wi-Fi Photo Frame ready for your hot little geek paws. “Wi-Fi Picture Frame?” you respond quizzically with great anticipation… The eStarling frame is a standalone Wi-Fi LCD photo frame that connects to a wireless network and automatically displays photos e-mailed to it in a slideshow format. Additionally you can specify an RSS photo feed from Flickr based on your own tagged keywords. You can even shoot photos on your mobile phone then e-mail them directly to your eStarling frame for display.

Let us elucidate on the eStarling’s inner workings.

One-Time Setup
To get things rolling you need to configure the eStarling Frame by connecting it to your PC via the included USB cable. Once configured, the frame can be disconnected from the PC and operates in a completely stand-alone mode.

Network Configuration

Using the eStarling software select the wireless network to connect to. The eStarling supports WEP encryption and has a full-featured TCP/ IP setup supporting DHCP, Proxies and Manual IP.

E-Mail Configuration

The eStarling frame supports standard POP E-mail. Simply enter the POP server, username and password. Optionally you can thwart possible spam by allowing only e-mails from a certain e-mail address to be received. We recommend you set-up a free Google Gmail account for your eStarling so it can have a dedicated e-mail address… that makes it happy.

Flickr RSS Photo Feed Configuration

Simply do a search on Flickr for your favorite photos. Cut and paste the URL from the “RSS 2.0” link at the bottom of the page into the eStarling software. You can even do multiple feeds at once. Once a feed is set-up Flickr photos matching your search criteria go into rotation on the frame. As new photos are posted to Flickr, they show up on the frame.

Displaying Photos

Simply e-mail any JPEG or BMP photo to the eStarling frame. It polls for new e-mail every few minutes and puts any photos it receives into rotation on the frame in a slideshow format. The internal memory holds about 30 photos… so as new photos are sent the oldest photos are removed from the frame. The frame functions similarly when receiving photos via the Flickr photo feed.

If you install a CF or SD card with photos into the eStarling frame these will go into rotation on the frame along with any photos received via e-mail or Flickr photo feeds.

Product Features

  • Connects to Wireless 802.11 Network
  • Displays Photos E-Mailed to the Picture Frame
  • Displays Photos from Flickr RSS Feeds
  • Displays Photos on a MMC/SD card


  • 5.6″ color TFT LCD Display
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b with Support for WEP encryption
  • MMC /SD card slot
  • On-board Storage for Approximately 30 photos
  • Views JPEG & BMP files
  • External 120V/240V AC Adapter


  • Internet access via wireless 802.11 Network
  • Frame Setup requires you to run the included software on a Windows 2000/ME/XP compatible PC. After the frame is setup it operates in a stand-alone mode with no PC needed.

You can get one from Think Geek.

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There seems to be another ‘format’ out for digital music and videos. It’s not a format as in mp3, ogg, or wma/wmv but an assurance that the digital content you buy will play for sure on your digital device of your choice.

This is what they say on their website:

Look for the PlaysForSure logo if you’re shopping for a music or video device and you want to make sure the digital music and video you purchase will play back on it every time. Match the PlaysForSure logo on a large selection of leading devices and online music stores. If you see the logo you’ll know your digital music will play for sure.

The PlaysForSure logo makes it easy to find digital media stores and devices that work together.

Choose from a large number of digital music and video stores including: CinemaNow, MSN Music, MusicMatch, MusicNow, Napster, Wal-Mart Music Downloads, and many more.
Look for the PlaysForSure logo on a wide variety of devices including portable music devices, portable video devices, digital audio receivers, Pocket PC’s and Smartphones.

And these are the logos to look for:

The PlaysForSure audio and video logos
tell you if the device or online store supports the music and/or movies and video.

There’s also a device search and a store search to help you in this.
But what if I already own an mp3 player which does not have that logo on it as I bought it some time ago? Would it support the downloads I purchase?

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German buys back stolen camera on eBay

BERLIN (Reuters) – A 44-year-old German businessman whose digital
camera was stolen at a restaurant was relieved when he managed to buy
exactly the same model on the eBay Internet auction site to match his

But he became suspicious when it emerged the seller came from his home town. It proved to be the same camera.

Police said on Thursday they were questioning the 34-year-old vendor
who, in a statement said, “claims he got the camera at a flea market, but
was also offering other cameras on the Internet”.

Other stolen cameras? Is EBay becoming the flea market of stolen things?


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