DJ FR33Q – Sexy Pleasures (2013 NYE House Mix) | Mixcloud

DJ FR33Q – Sexy Pleasures (2013 NYE House Mix) | Mixcloud.

Sexy Pleasures (2013 NYE House Mix) by Dj Fr33q on Mixcloud


Amex Digital MPC-505 – with Blu-Ray

From Hong Kong based Amex Digital comes the MPC-505 which is the world
first Blu-Ray Home Theatre PC A/V Center computer. The MPC-505 is Intel
Viiv enabled which further enhances your multimedia experience. The
unit comes DVI and HDMI outputs which offer you a true HD experience
when you connect to a HD ready TV. The MPC-505 has a hybrid tuner which
allow you to watch both digital and analog transmissions. You will
never run of storage space even after recording all your favourite
shows as the unit comes with 1 TB of storage space. The MPC-505 comes
with a Blu-Ray drive which plays the next generation Blu-Ray discs as
well as DVD, Audio CD discs etc. A fully functional remote control is
provided so you can relax and take control over your entertainment

The Amex Digital MPC-505 is powered by Intel Pentium D 930 3.0 Ghz
64 bit processor, Intel 945 Express chipset and 2GB DDR2 RAM. It has
7.1 channel onboard audio with SPDIF optical out and Wi-Fi
connectivity. The MPC-505 runs on Windows Multimedia Centre Edition
2005. Pricing and availability of the Amex Digital MPC-505 is not known


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Free VST plugins


Tritone Digital offer some wonderful VST plugins. Most of them you can purchase them but there are some free.

The first one is PhaseTone:

PhaseTone is a FREE frequency-dependent phase rotation and correction plugin.

PhaseTone allows you to manipulate the phase of your signal across a user-definable frequency range, with options for creating different phase and time-based offsets (if desired) for the left and right channels of a stereo signal.

Similar to hardware boxes popular for correcting phase relationships between signal-pairs such as bass DI and bass mics and top/bottom snare mics, PhaseTone goes a little further.

By allowing the user to select the center frequency and Q of the phase process, PhaseTone allows for more creative manipulation of phase when mixing, producing effects with more EQ like results, increasing clarity and removing mud. And, best of all, it’s free!


The second one is ColorTone:

ColorTone is a “Tone Box? which simulates the signal path of analog devices through the use of convolution and various proprietary non-linear processes. ColorTone is designed to provide analog-like character and flavor to the modern digital audio workstation.

ColorTone is available in two formats: ColorTone-Pro and ColorTone-Free.

ColorTone-Pro allows the user to load their own samples (instructions for sampling your own equipment are included) and provides the user with our custom-coded Warmth algorithm to enhance the signal-path with extra harmonic goodness. ColorTone-Pro comes with a selection of classic samples.

ColorTone-Free is another free plugin from TriTone Digital.

ColorTone-Free provides the user with a preset group of classic signal-path samples. ColorTone-Free cannot load new samples and does not contain the Warmth algorithm.

Both versions of ColorTone allow the user to multiply the color of the selected circuit, increasing the color from the standard character to several times the original color.

So better head to their site to download these free plugins to give them a try yourself!

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Holographic Memory in your pocket

Soon you could be able to store more mp3s and podcasts in your pocket than you’ll ever have time to listen to. Fujifilm is working on a terabyte (1000 gigabyte) holographic memory, which it expects to launch in 2009. The terabyte holo-memory drive would be no bigger than a sugar cube and could access data much faster than existing memory technologies.

Holographic memory devices store binary bits of data by generating a 3D pattern of light interference inside a crystal or photopolymer, using lasers. Multiple bits can be written and read simultaneously, making the technique potentially very speedy.

Fujifilm has already developed a holographic memory disc capable of holding 300 gigabytes of data. Other companies currently working on holographic memory include IBM, Bell Labs and InPhase.

From NewScientist

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PHOSCYON: New VST analogue synth


PHOSCYON is a virtual instrument (made with VSTi technology), which emulates sound of famous nowadays analogue synthesizer. It’s equipped in many options expanding possibilities of an original synth. Phoscyon’s innovative technology takes virtual analogue moddelling to a whole new level and it should convince even the most die hard analog fans.

It has characteristic sound which is irreplaceable in many cases and even more famous modular synthesizers can’t imitate it though more advanced construction.

Phoscyon was created mainly for musicians who compose modern electronic music and especially music coming from techno style. So it’s: acid, house, drum and base or ambient.

More details and even audio samples of this analogue synth, and if you really like it, you can instantly buy it from the d16 Group’s website and shop.

VST Plugin

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Faderfox Live/DJ MIDI Controllers Hit 2nd Generation

They’re small enough to fit over the QWERTY keyboard on a laptop or to be propped atop a music keyboard, and are specially designed for applications like Ableton Live and Traktor DJ. With multi-function triggers, joysticks, and cross-faders on top of the usual buttons and faders, they’d appear to cover all you need to do.

So head to Faderfox site to learn more.

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Solid State Logic: LMC-1 VST Plug-In – Now Free!

Every now and again a piece of audio equipment comes along that defines the sound of an era. Back in 1979 Solid State Logic gave birth to a legendary recording console. The SSL SL 4000E Master Studio System forever changed how records would be recorded and mixed, heralding a new age in popular music. In less than three years, every major studio worldwide featured at a least one room with an SSL “E? Series console.

The SSL Listen Mic Compressor was the secret weapon in many producers sonic arsenal of recording techniques. Originally designed to prevent overloading the return feed from a studio communications mic, its fixed attack and release curves were eminently suitable for use on ambient drums mics. Of course, we’d like to take all the credit for this great sound, but as usual, it was the creativity of SSL users that led to the idea.

Long-time SSL user Hugh Padgham was one of the first to capture this new drum sound on tape,while working with Steve Lilywhite on Peter Gabriel’s ‘Intruder’, he told Mix magazine:* “On a normal console, you have a button to press to talk to the musicians in the headphones, but you did not have a button to press for us to listen to the musicians. To do that, you’d plug a microphone into a spare channel on the desk and listen to your musicians through that. But the SSL had a reverse talkback button and there was a microphone hanging up in the studio already, a dedicated input into the reverse mic input on the console. And on this microphone, they had the most unbelievably heavy compressor, so you could hear somebody who was over in the corner.

“One day, Phil (Collins) was playing the drums,? Hugh recalls, “and I had the reverse talkback on because he was speaking, and then he started playing the drums. The most unbelievable sound came out because of the heavy compressor. I said, ‘My God, this is the most amazing sound! Steve, listen to this.’ But the way the reverse talkback was setup, you couldn’t record it. So I had the desk modified that night. I got one of the maintenance guys to take the desk apart and get a split output of this compressor and feed it into a patch point on the jack field so I could then patch it into a channel on the board. From there, we were able to route that to the tape recorder.”

Now you can experience the Listen Mic Compressor within the comfort of your own workstation software and see what sounds it’ll lead you to create. If you discover something really great – like a radical new distorted oboe sound then be sure to let us know.

Download your copy now!

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Roland SH-201

Roland SH-201

Put the Fun Back in Synthesis!


For musicians new to synthesizers, Roland announces the most friendly and fun analog-modeling instrument on the market: the SH-201. For synth pros, the SH-201 will remind them of why they fell in love with synthesizers in the first place. Simply, the SH-201 is a blast to play! It sounds great too, thanks to such features as Roland’s famous Supersaw waveform, resonant filter, saturation control, and more.

  • Great-sounding analog-modeling synth
  • Ultra-EZ front panel is logically designed to teach the basics of synthesis
  • External input for manipulating external audio from CD/MP3 players, etc.
  • Built-in delay, reverb, and saturation effects
  • Arpeggiator adds instant rhythmic motion to sounds
  • USB port for audio/MIDI connection to computer
  • VSTi Editor software included for computer integration
  • Invisible infrared D Beam controller

 Full details at the Roland website.

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