Oracle CEO Larry Ellison buys Hawaiian island of Lanai, reportedly for $500-600 million | The Verge

Forget RIM and PalmĀ : Oracle's Larry Ellison just bought a Hawaiian island. Lanai is a 140 square mile island in the middle of Hawaii, 98 percent privately owned, and Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie just confirmed that the owner has transferred the property to none other than the Oracle co-founder and CEO. The governor released this… Continue reading Oracle CEO Larry Ellison buys Hawaiian island of Lanai, reportedly for $500-600 million | The Verge

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Nokia’s next step…

After the birth of the Apple iPhone, a new dawn is coming. One of the first to jump on this is the leading mobile phone manufacturer Nokia.Nokia is planning to update their smartphone's OS - Symbian: S60 smartphone software evolves to enrich the user experience.Here is part of the Press Release by Nokia as issued… Continue reading Nokia’s next step…

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1 core, 2 core, now 4 core!

Intel Corp. says its new 50-watt quad core Xeon processors, released Monday 12/03/2007, would help the chipmaker gain market leverage in an energy-conscious business environment. Santa Clara, Calif.-based Intel said the two new 50-watt server processors -- dubbed the Intel Xeon L5320 and L5310 respectively -- would decrease users' server power consumption by 35 to… Continue reading 1 core, 2 core, now 4 core!

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Holographic Memory in your pocket

Soon you could be able to store more mp3s and podcasts in your pocket than you'll ever have time to listen to. Fujifilm is working on a terabyte (1000 gigabyte) holographic memory, which it expects to launch in 2009. The terabyte holo-memory drive would be no bigger than a sugar cube and could access data… Continue reading Holographic Memory in your pocket

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Solar + LEDs = free night light

A building under construction in Japan will use natural light to illuminate its rooms, even during the night.Japanese construction company Shimizu and electronics giant Sharp have jointly developed a transparent building material that absorbs light during the day and uses it to light up rooms when the Sun goes down. The material is being used… Continue reading Solar + LEDs = free night light

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Bluetooth Digital Watch

Seiko Instruments Inc announced their first Bluetooth watch yesterday, the BT Watch or CPC TR-006 ver.1.0. This hi-tech watch is packed into a very stylish casing and this watch will be released onto the market at the end of this year or beginning 2007. This watch is in fact an extension of your phone, and… Continue reading Bluetooth Digital Watch

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Emotional LED Flowers

NEC will present the KotoHana (the talking flower) at CeBit. It is interactive via the Sensibility Technology (ST) and it recognizes your feelings (happy, sad, angry, ...) and changes colour through LED's, even if you're far away from the flower (via Wireless LAN and the Internet). Get one for your woman to stick to her… Continue reading Emotional LED Flowers

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Colour-Changing Carry Bag

Bags have been one of the important fashion ornaments in recent years. This design uses e-paper, which is invention of electrophoresis technique, as the main appearance of the carry bag. By pushing a remote control button, the outlook pattern may immediately be changed. This will bring a brand new visual sensation. E-paper is used as… Continue reading Colour-Changing Carry Bag

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ASUS new computer concept

The above image is not a CD shelf; it's ASUS's Green PC concept. Yes that's right, those thin boxes are the internal modules of the computer, i.e. the CPU, the graphics card, the sound card, the hard disk etc. No more worries of 'trying' to install a newly bought module in your computer, just place… Continue reading ASUS new computer concept