New SD Memory Card Speed Class Ratings

Another year, another memory card specification. Though I have to admit, it certainly isn’t a bad thing that the SD Card Association (SDA) has announced that they’re finalizing specifications to expand SD card capacity beyond 2GB, to a new card called the SDHC Memory Card. The new specification is promising a minimum SD Speed Class Rating, which for video products, is equivalent to MPEG-2 video, as well as the expanded capacity needed to help deliver new applications made possible by three other SD specifications: SD-Audio, SD-Video and SD-Binding.

SD-Audio will allow users to easily move music libraries between a variety of SD-enabled devices, to include cell phones, portable audio players, computers, car stereos and other mobile devices. The SD-Audio specification provides content protection via CPRM which is built into each SD card, to prevent theft of data.

Similarly, the SD-Video specification allows consumers to capture video, even MPEG-2 quality, and move it to an SD-Video enabled product securely. SD-Video will soon allow users to record and watch h.264 digital TV programs from their SD-Video enabled cell phones.

And finally, the SD-Binding specification allows carriers/cell phone operators to provide security for content downloaded to their specific network mobile phones. The content is bound to the cell phone device and prevents unauthorized copying to other devices or computers.


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Kodak EasyShare V570 – dual lens, dual CCD

Kodak Unveils World’s First Dual-Lens Digital Camera; Combines Ultra-Wide Angle and Zoom Lenses in Compact Body

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 2 — Kicking off this week’s 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Eastman Kodak Company today introduced the world’s first dual-lens digital still camera, the KODAK EASYSHARE V570 zoom digital camera. Using proprietary KODAK RETINA Dual Lens technology, the elegant V570 camera wraps an ultra-wide angle lens (23 mm) and an optical zoom lens (39 – 117 mm) into a small, sleek package less than an inch thin.

The innovative EASYSHARE V570 camera’s ultra-wide angle lens coupled with its optical zoom lens produces a total 5X optical zoom range, providing more options to help today’s picture takers capture the perfect shot —group photos, scenic landscapes, dramatic portraits, and close-ups. No other consumer digital camera offers such a wide angle of view, nor the unique, sophisticated design of this model, whose all-glass, stacked SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH C-VARIOGON prism lenses never extend from the camera body.

“Today’s picture takers expect high-performance features in an attractive package. Kodak is first to give them a coveted but previously unavailable ultra-wide angle lens in a pocket-size camera,? said Mary Hadley, general manager of digital cameras for Kodak’s Consumer Digital Imaging Group. “Capturing high quality photos with maximum ease of use are at the top of people’s lists when buying a new digital camera. By delivering on these needs in a completely new way, the EASYSHARE V570 camera pushes the boundaries of innovative design for ultra-compact cameras.?

Read full story @ dpreview.

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German buys back stolen camera on eBay

BERLIN (Reuters) – A 44-year-old German businessman whose digital
camera was stolen at a restaurant was relieved when he managed to buy
exactly the same model on the eBay Internet auction site to match his

But he became suspicious when it emerged the seller came from his home town. It proved to be the same camera.

Police said on Thursday they were questioning the 34-year-old vendor
who, in a statement said, “claims he got the camera at a flea market, but
was also offering other cameras on the Internet”.

Other stolen cameras? Is EBay becoming the flea market of stolen things?


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Samsung GX-1 DSLR


Rumors are that Samsung are working on a new Digital SLR Camera, but many think it’s a hoax…
The only information available is that it might be a 9 mega pixel CCD camera… but who knows the truth!

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Something Wicked Project

Something Wicked Project Logo

presents a series of multimedia theme events in collaboration with St. James Cavalier (Centre for Creativity) Malta.These events are the fruit of a collaboration project between a dynamic collective of established and up-and-coming artists from various spheres including video art, theatre, music, graffiti art, DJing, dance and more.

To quench your curiousity visit our official website and to have a taste of what was accomplished during Summer ’05 see some photos on our Flickr Group.

After a short break, Something Wicked Project met again to begin baking the goodies for the coming year, as this post state.

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Camera Comparison: Nikon D200 vs Canon EOS 5D

Nikon D200Canon EOS 5D
A dpreview forum member, Skyfire, has posted some sample photos and personal opinion of the new Nikon D200 and Canon EOS 5D .
Here’s a quick rundown of his experience:
Canon 5D:

– I really like the groove for the middle finger right under the shutter release, it makes the main hand grip feels very comfortable. The body material seem to be softer too.- Focusing is veru fast, seems to be even a tad faster than the D200.

– The body is solid, though not as “brick” like as the D200. Overall the Canon setup seem to be lighter compare to the D200 setup.– I like how ISO, AF and Metering can be changed single handedly, though the buttons could use some different styling, they all feel the same to me (small round dots I can reach with my index finger) and I get easily confused which is which (practice should definitely help though).

– The rest of the interface is unintuitive (at least for a Nikon user like me). To delete a picture I have to press Delete, rotate the main dial once then press OK: 3 operations total (is there a faster way to do this that I don’t know about?). Why not just press Delete twice? To go from picture to picture I need to use the sub-command dial (the one above the shutter), and to move around while zooming I need to use the small joystick button? It seems to be added as an after thought. And why can’t I just turn the command dial to change ISO to Hi-1? (is there a custom setting I missed here?) The Nikon setup just seem to be much more intuitive, something I can pick up and get use to right away. (again, this is my opinion and I may be very biased on this matter).

– “The grass really isn’t greener on the other side”. Even with a great camera like this, I managed to take some fuzzy and flat pictures. This convinced me it’s my skills and photographic sense that needs improvement, not the equipment ”

Nikon D200:

– Love the view finder and the new focusing mechanism? It’s much brighter now, and definitely got a D2X feel to it. Love the additional information displayed in it as well (constant ISO information).

– The body is SOLID, like a brick (not as much “brick” as the Leika R9 though, which is ok since that one is overdone Love the feel of the buttons and the shutter, very pro like. Only the multi-function dial is a bit hard to turn, I have to hold on to the little “lock” to turn it, which is kind of tedious. To turn from “S” to “M-lock” I had to turn it 4 times… The metering mode selector is easier to use than I imagined though, it can be easily controled with the thumb. – The LCD screen is HUGE, it is bigger than some portable LCD TV’s screen

– There is also a groove under the shutter release, though it doesn’t recess as much nor as comfortable compare to the 5D. There is a ridge on the back of the camera that keeps digging into my palm, making the camer feel heavier than it really does. (or the 5D is just lighter, period).The Canon’s shutter noise is quieter, and I noticed how quiet it is to do depth preview, most probably contributed by the electronic diaphrame closing mechanism. Now that I think about it, the (relatively) loud shutter noise from the Nikon’s most likely is contributed by the mechanical diaphrame mechanism. The noise from the Nikon does sound more “professional” though, espeically when I’m firing away at 5fps “

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Minox Mini Digital Cameras


A pocket sized “Rolleiflex digital twin lens reflex” from Minox

A true miniaturized digital replica of the world-famous famous Rolleiflex

Here is a camera that not only collectors will get excited about but also the ‘gadget’ market and anybody fascinated by miniaturization. In co-operation with the Rollei company, MINOX now makes available the smallest fully operating Rolleiflex in the world. The “Rolleiflex MiniDigi” is a digital camera with the same shape and design as the famous 6×6 twin lens reflex camera with a resolution of up to 3.1 million pixels. This unique miniature Rolleiflex is now added to the successful 8x11mm film and ‘Leica’ digital classic collection camera series from MINOX.

Taking photos with this camera` is like the real thing in miniature but in digital. Just like the original with its 6x6cm square format this MiniDigi takes square format digital photos. As with the original, viewing is from above into the foldable viewfinder where the image can be seen on the 0.9 inch LCD monitor, which for digital replaces the traditional ground glass. On this display, images can be viewed directly after they have been taken and if acceptable, stored. To prepare the camera for the next shot, the normal metal transportation crank on the right side of the body is turned until a clicking sound confirms that the MiniDigi is ready for the next shot. At the front of the camera – as with the original – the shutter release is below the twin lenses. So using the MiniDigi is like taking a trip back to days gone by but with the added advantage of to-days digital media. This exclusive Rolleiflex is a fascinating combination of old and new, appealing to a very wide market with an interest in unique photo products.
Rollei fans in particular will be intrigued by the cameras many true to scale working features. The quality durable metal housing of this fascinating eye catcher weighs just 100 grams.

Images are stored on a standard SD /MMC memory card and the camera is powered by a CR-2 lithium battery. It comes complete with a neck strap, a 32 Mbyte MMC memory card, battery and user’s manual.

Technical Data MINOX Rolleiflex MiniDigi:
2 mega CMOS sensor (square format)
9 mm f2.8 5 elements fixed focus
Depth of field:
0,7 m to infinity
Shutter speeds:
1/15 bis 1/400 sec
Exposure control:
White balance:
Storage medium:
SD/ MMC memory card (removable)
Image resolution:
1760 x 1760 Pixel (high resolution/interpolated)
1200 x 1200 Pixel (normal resolution)
640 x 640 Pixel (low resolution)
Waist level LCD (0.9 inch)
Power source:
CR2 battery x 1
49 x 73 x 45 mm W x H x D
100 grams

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Adobe & Macromedia Are One Now

Adobe Design Bundle Adobe Web Bundle Adobe Video Bundle Coming soon!
New Adobe Design, Web and Video Bundles Combine Latest Creative Software From Adobe and Macromedia

Dec. 2005 — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) has announced three new product bundles that combine the design and publishing prowess of Adobe® Creative Suite 2 and Adobe video tools with the interactive strength of just-released Macromedia® Flash® Professional 8 and Macromedia Studio 8 software. Adobe acquired the Macromedia product line when the company purchased Macromedia, a transaction that formally closed on December 3, 2005.

Adobe Design Bundle The Adobe® Design Bundle offers the unified design environment of Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium software with Macromedia® Flash® Professional 8 software, the industry’s choice for creating advanced interactive content.
Learn more. Adobe Web Bundle The Adobe Web Bundle offers Macromedia Studio 8, the essential solution for web design and development, with the unified design environment of Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium software.
Learn more. Adobe Video Bundle Expected to release in early 2006, the Adobe Video Bundle will bring together Adobe video solutions with Macromedia Flash Professional 8.
Sign up to be notified.

Press Release

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