Being in awe can expand time and enhance well-being

It doesnt matter what weve experienced -- whether its the breathtaking scope of the Grand Canyon, the ethereal beauty of the Aurora Borealis, or the exhilarating view from the top of the Eiffel Tower -- at some point in our lives weve all had the feeling of being in a complete and overwhelming sense of… Continue reading Being in awe can expand time and enhance well-being

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Marijuana Reveals Memory Mechanism

Until recently, most scientists believed that neurons were the all-important brain cells controlling mental functions and that the surrounding glial cells were little more than neuron supporters and “glue.” Now research published in March in Cell reveals that astrocytes, a type of glia, have a principal role in working memory. And the scientists made the… Continue reading Marijuana Reveals Memory Mechanism

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Why Modern Love Hurts So Much

Everything we tell ourselves about modern love may be misguided, causing us pain and hardship along the way. The ideal of our age, which informs our view of society, remains the individual. Strong and independent, the individual believes society is no longer in the business of fixing marriage, at least not as the economic exchange… Continue reading Why Modern Love Hurts So Much