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Mech Arena: Robot Showdown

Mech Arena is a fast-paced PvP mech shooter with competitive mayhem for everyone. Choose from dozens of weapons and mechs with special abilities for endless combinations. Fight with friends or compete in a global arena of players, maps, and modes. Take on the world in the most explosive, fun, and chaotic sport the future has… Continue reading Mech Arena: Robot Showdown

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OFRO – watch out hooligans!

Meet OFRO - the robot who going to be working hard keeping tabs on potential trouble-makers at the World Cup this Summer. OFRO is a mobile security unit that can patrol several programmed routes in both internal and external environments (OFRO is suitably weather-proofed!). OFRO has a rotating camera that serves both to record and… Continue reading OFRO – watch out hooligans!

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Spirit Rover turns 2 tomorrow!

LOS ANGELES -- The warranty expired long ago on NASA's twin robots motoring around Mars. These two golf cart-sized vehicles were only expected to last three months.In two years, they have traveled a total of seven miles. Not impressed? Try keeping your car running in a climate where the average temperature is 67 below zero… Continue reading Spirit Rover turns 2 tomorrow!

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Third Eye Enlightenment for Robot

TOKYO [19 Dec. 2005] - Robots may not be able to do everything humans can, but the latest version of Sony's humanoid robot has something many people might find useful: a third eye. The Japanese consumer electronics company's roller-skating robot, QRIO, has now been enlightened with an extra camera eye on its forehead that allows… Continue reading Third Eye Enlightenment for Robot

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Mars “hopping microbots”

Penelope Boston and Steven Dubowsky have received a grant from NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts to work on tiny hopping robots. An array of the microbots could be deployed on Mars, coordinating with one another like a swarm of insects to search for life below the surface of the planet.The spheres would store up muscle… Continue reading Mars “hopping microbots”

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Tyco CyberBeast/CyberBall – It’s Cyberish!

This new RC monstrosity from Tyco transforms from cyberbeast to cyberball and uses flipping action to move about, and has the ability to drive over obstacles too. We saw one of these recently and it's bigger than it appears - just about the same size as a bowling ball. It's also the closest thing to… Continue reading Tyco CyberBeast/CyberBall – It’s Cyberish!

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Tuning your guitar – with Robot Precision

String Master Guitar Tuner The String Master Guitar Tuner is unlike any guitar tuner you've ever used. Our robotic technology makes our guitar tuner the easiest and most fun to use guitar tuner available. String Master Robotic guitar tuner is the cutting edge in guitar tuner technology. The String Master robotic guitar tuner is simply… Continue reading Tuning your guitar – with Robot Precision

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Don’t Throw Your Old Hi-Fi Away – Transform it!

 Eighties Hi-Fi TransformerMy 1980s Hi-Fi memories go back to my pops scalding me for touching his beloved Zenith. Luckily some Japanese are turning my 80s Hi-Fi frown upside down with this bad-ass robot built entirely from stereo components. This bot has got it all: tape decks, reel-to-reel, equalizers, and record players. It even includes the… Continue reading Don’t Throw Your Old Hi-Fi Away – Transform it!