Google Sound Search

Android Jelly Bean comes with a Google widget that lets you find the name of a song you’re listening to. Just like Shazam or SoundHound, except that the widget links to Google Play, so you can quickly buy the song if you’re in the US…

See it in action at this link: Google Sound Search.


With Nexus 7, Google Finally Gets Android Tablets Right

The Nexus 7 is essentially Google’s answer the the Amazon Kindle Fire — a 7-inch tablet priced at $199 that’s based around media consumption. In almost every respect, the Nexus destroys the Fire…

With Nexus 7, Google Finally Gets Android Tablets Right [REVIEW].

Google introduces “My Android Apps”


Google has just introduced “My Android Apps” to their Google Play Store, where this particular segment lets you check out an entire list of smartphones, tablets, and other devices that are connected to your account. Basically, whenever you tap on any one of those icons, you will be able to pull up a list of apps that are installed on that particular device, now how about that? Isn’t it easier to perform digital housekeeping now?

Google introduces “My Android Apps” | Ubergizmo.


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