42 years ago, for the first time, I had a chance to say something to the world!
I don’t remember that scene, but according to people who were there in that moment, I was really disappointed. From that moment I keep smiling (first, I tried to yawl, but some guy in white suit slapped me for that). I love people, I’m an optimist and a pacifist.

I find birthdays weird. I don’t appreciate the idea of getting older, and if anyone would ask me, I’ll suggest to remove this feature or at least add UI for switching it on and off again. This reminds me my old concern…. On what license my life is? I can modify it pretty easily, biologists are reading my source code, but it’s impossible to make a copy (no, cloning is not the same) of me…

Anyway, currently I’m at version 4.2; I’m not stable at all, you can get no warranty; I’m, as always, under major code review, but my API is mostly stable. My RSS feed is still very active though and my blog is always growing long.

Feature change-log are: Revamp of the blog, adding interesting articles and keeping up with the crypto world…

Motto: Exploring the digital cosmos… 1 bit at a time!