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LEAKED Official Apple iPhone 5 Promo Video – Keynote 2012

A good 'parody-ad' on the iPhone 5! LEAKED Official Apple iPhone 5 Promo Video - Keynote 2012 - YouTube.

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Emotional LED Flowers

NEC will present the KotoHana (the talking flower) at CeBit. It is interactive via the Sensibility Technology (ST) and it recognizes your feelings (happy, sad, angry, ...) and changes colour through LED's, even if you're far away from the flower (via Wireless LAN and the Internet). Get one for your woman to stick to her… Continue reading Emotional LED Flowers

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Colour-Changing Carry Bag

Bags have been one of the important fashion ornaments in recent years. This design uses e-paper, which is invention of electrophoresis technique, as the main appearance of the carry bag. By pushing a remote control button, the outlook pattern may immediately be changed. This will bring a brand new visual sensation. E-paper is used as… Continue reading Colour-Changing Carry Bag

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High Altitude Wind Power

  Wake up, world! Why look down, not up, to meet the world's energy needs? Immediate profits for some may be greater looking down, but we at Sky WindPower Corporation, and a few others around the world, have concluded that looking up will turn out to be a much better solution both economically and for… Continue reading High Altitude Wind Power

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German buys back stolen camera on eBay

BERLIN (Reuters) - A 44-year-old German businessman whose digital camera was stolen at a restaurant was relieved when he managed to buy exactly the same model on the eBay Internet auction site to match his accessories. But he became suspicious when it emerged the seller came from his home town. It proved to be the… Continue reading German buys back stolen camera on eBay

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Circuitboard Coasters

You're kinda hi-tech in everything you posses? You were wondering how to turn your dinner table or your office desk in a hi-tech look? Look no further, here's your solution... Slap your favourite perspiring bottle of beer on these circuitboard coasters without the kind of hesitation you might have if it was your motherboard! Great… Continue reading Circuitboard Coasters

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Thoughts about digital media

The following article was found on Engadget and made me think alot... think it will make you too so here it is...What did I just buy?  In the beginning it was simple; to repurpose another phrase, the music was the media and the media was the music. Consumers visited their local record stores and, in… Continue reading Thoughts about digital media

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Minox Mini Digital Cameras

 A pocket sized “Rolleiflex digital twin lens reflex” from MinoxA true miniaturized digital replica of the world-famous famous Rolleiflex Here is a camera that not only collectors will get excited about but also the 'gadget' market and anybody fascinated by miniaturization. In co-operation with the Rollei company, MINOX now makes available the smallest fully operating… Continue reading Minox Mini Digital Cameras

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Super Magnets

 Neodymium MagnetsThe most powerful magnets on Earth! This site, United Nuclear seems to have very strong neodymium magnets for sale. And they really mean strong! All our magnets are high grade Neodymium, grade N40 or higher. They are much, much stronger thancommon Neodymium magnets (N28, N35, or N38) on the market today.  This website really means that… Continue reading Super Magnets

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Self Destruct SMS

Staellium UK Ltd. is 'upgrading' the SMS market to the 'Mission Impossible' state.How you may ask? Here's what they're saying: SELF DESTRUCT MESSAGES NO LONGER ‘MISSION IMPOSSIBLE’  THANKS TO ‘STEALTHTEXT’“This tape will self-destruct in five seconds” became a household phrase in the 60s and 70s thanks to the creators of Mission Impossible, and now 30 years later… Continue reading Self Destruct SMS